Is Sheldon Wasserman Really Doogie Howser MD in the Legislature When Spreading Lies on Darling’s Health?

This is Rep. Wasserman’s Blue Book photo when he was first elected in 1994, doesnt it remind you of the smash hit TV show Doogie Howser MD?  This is sort of how Wasserman acts like when Rep. Wasserman MD continually attacks and spreads false lies on Alberta Darling’s health.  The people of the 8th want leadership, not immature doctors that act like Doogie Howser that attack.


Extreme Legislative Makeover-Sheldon Wasserman Edition

Sheldon Wasserman can love to claim he rides the Badger Bus to save taxpayers money, but he has proposed certian items in his legislative career that claim to save taxpayers money, but do nothing to solve the problem.  It has been tried in other states, but it does not work.

1. Reducing Wisconsin Counties from 72 to 16

Wasserman has called for Wisconsin to reduce from 72 to 16 counties.  In 2007, the Wisconsin Counties Association railed against this ideal because the problem is that there would be too many inefficencies that would occur by having this method of counties.  There has been three attempts in the 1990’s to get Appleton out of Winnebago and Calumet Counties, but this idea failed because of three reasons.  One, counties like Calumet and Winnebago lose revenue from not having a portion of a major population center like Appleton boost their economy, second, if you consolidate counties it does nothing to control taxes, you could combine one county with a good budget, and another with a bad in which would create a lot of problems, and three there would not be efficent services provided as basically if you merged Washington and Ozaukee Counties together people would not have the access at the micro level to get the services they would expect from a county government.  Rep. Wasserman should look at what his colleauge Gov. Jon Corzine is doing right now in New Jersey.  What he can learn is that the only way to reduce taxes is to cut spending. 

2. Reducing the Wisconsin Legislature from 132 to 75

Wasserman tried to pass a joint resolution in 2005 to reduce the Wisconsin State Legislature from 132 to 75 and make it unicameral like Nebraska.  This is a totally extreme measure that would require a constitutional convention which has been rarely used in Wisconsin History, and it would take two (2) consecutive legislative sessions to pass the bill which is required of any constitutional amendment in Wisconsin.  Nebraska is still an unicameral legislature that works well for their needs.  Jesse Ventura tried it when he was Governor in Minnesota, but it failed.  This measure by Wasserman would unravel a living document like the Constitution of Wisconsin.

3. Eliminating the Lt. Governor

Yes, we can agree that a Lt. Governor only does a limited number of duties like a Vice President, but simply this is another extreme attempt by Rep. Wasserman to unravel our Constitution. 

While Rep. Wasserman can tell you his ways to reduce Government spending which do not work in the real world, still he fails to defend on why he supported higher taxes and breaking his Americans for Tax Reform No Tax Pledge.  Rep. Wasserman’s proposals are nothing but an extreme makeover by Rep. Wasserman that does not work in the Real World.

Wasserman Watch Is Getting Results!!!

After a little break, as a blog we are excited to say so far, our blog is putting the real message on Sheldon Wasserman to the voters of the 8th Senate District.  Newspapers like Whitefish Bay NOW and Brookfield NOW have picked up our posts and now as a blog we have been successful in exposing the real side of Sheldon Wasserman. 

Since we broke the story that Wasserman is holding onto your tax dollars to launch a smear campaign on Senator Darling close to 300 people viewed this exclusive story.

Our blog is a service to all voters in the 8th, and now getting into the heat of the election, we will continue to give voters the real story.  No matter what story he tells you that he loves riding that Badger Bus to Madison to save the taxpayers money, we will continue to expose why he has violated his pledge, why he is not liberterian, and more than importantly, why he has an extreme voting record.  Let this blog be the place to know what the real side of this guy is before you make the critical decision in the voting booth in November.

Wasserman’s Tax and Spend Liberal Record Exposed As Wasserman Violated An Americans for Tax Reform Pledge He Signed

Just today, the Alberta Darling campaign just released that Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker has endorsed Alberta Darling calling her, “the only fiscal conservative in the race, period.”  That is because, Sheldon Wasserman signed during the 2006-2007 legislative session an Americans for Tax Reform pledge vowing he would vote no to ANY tax increases.  Well, we know doctors disavow smoking, but Wasserman forgot at the time he signed the pledge he was for the cigarette tax.  Later, in October 2007 he told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel he said he was going to break his pledge and support the cigarette tax.  

What you may know about Sheldon Wasserman is he seriously violated the pledge he signed voting for tax increasing legislation and voting against comprehensive tax reform in Wisconsin.  As State Representative Wasserman abused the taxpayers trust by:

  • In 2005, voting against a REAL property tax freeze that would keep property taxes in check with inflation, and would of have given Wisconsin the most comprehesive reform ever in state history (2005 AB 58).
  • In 2005, Wasserman voted against the historic Taxpayer Protection Amendment on all versions in which could of have limited constitutionally the amount of money Wisconsin Government could spend (2006 AJR 77/SJR 64).
  • In 2005, Wasserman voted against comprehensive tax reform on how Wisconsin collected taxes and revenue in which would put Wisconsin out of its tax hell (2005 AB 968).
  • In 2005, Wasserman voted against giving Wisconsin Health Care Consumers medical choice by making Health Savings Accounts Tax Deductible (2005 AB 4).
  • In 2007, Wasserman voted against a State Budget proposed by the State Assembly that would offer NO TAX OR FEE INCREASES (SB 40 2007-Assembly Version).
  • Said in Front of a Town Hall in Shorewood in February 2008 according to Shorewood NOW that he would support the Hospital Tax and basically blamed popular talk show hosts Charlie Sykes and Mark Belling for rallying against tax increases during the town hall.

The difference is clear that Representative Wasserman claims he likes to call himself a fiscal conservative by saying he rides the Badger Bus to Madison as his number one rallying cry, but the record shows he is nothing but a fiscal liberal to vote against comprehensive tax reform that would make Wisconsin a better place to attract businesses and keep young people from moving out of state after they graduate from college. When Wasserman Blames Charlie Sykes and Mark Belling. February 2008 when Wasserman Talks His Support in front of the Shorewood Village Board Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Article from 2007 when Wasserman Promised to Break Pledge Americans for Tax Reform Press Release Announcing Scott Walker’s Endorsement of Alberta Darling.

Represenative Wasserman, Do the Patient, Alberta Darling, NO HARM!!!!

Again, the Wasserman Campaign is spreading another lie about Senator Alberta Darling’s health.  According to a campaign press release from the Wasserman Camp

My opponent likes to tell people she is ‘out knocking on doors.’ But voters know the difference between riding in a car watching staff drop off taxpayer-funded road maps that people did not even ask for and actually knocking on doors and talking to people.

Representative Sheldon Wasserman

You can ask any Alberta Darling for Senate volunteer and they can affirm that Alberta is up and knocking on doors and connecting with the  people of the 8th Senate District.  But when Representative Wasserman talks about his campaign is run like his Assembly office featuring door to door first class constituient service, match that up with Senator Darling who has been consistently for close to sixteen years in office demands from staffers first class constituient service.  Still when the State Senate Democratic Committie puts out a phony press release at a fundraiser with Democrat lobbyists in Madison that “Citing health reasons, Darling recently admitted that she would not be able to knock on any doors this cycle” show the real reason why he does not want to spend down his war chest, he wants to keep it big before he has to spend down the war chest to attack Senator Darling.   But, if Represenative Wasserman wants to spread lies on Darling’s health and her campaign tactics, Wasserman watch wants Representative Sheldon Wasserman to retract his last press release and start awnsering these questions as many voters in the 8th Senate District Want to Know:

1. As a doctor, why have you been disrespectfully stating false claims on Senator Darling’s health, despite as a doctor yourself you should be treating patients who have a serious health condition with dignity, respect, and compassion?

2. What is still the purpose you have to still hold onto our taxpayer dollars since 1994 to start waging smear tactics on Senator Darling?

3. You say on your website Madison Politics as Usual must end, why are now just saying anything to get yourself elected by now stating lies on Senator Darling?

It is time we tell Representative Wasserman the next time he loves to brag on how much he loves to save the taxpayers money by riding the Badger Bus that he starts to come clean on why he is using smear tactics to intentfully lie on Senator Darling’s health.  If he cannot come clean, it is time Represenative Wasserman retracts his last press release and awnser Senator Darling’s call to pledge to a clean campaign. Darling Camp Press Release on Wasserman Lies

Another Sheldon Wasserman So-Called Fiscal Conservative Lie

Just today Sheldon Wasserman issued a press release again putting again another false claim on being a fiscal conservative as he says

“Solid financial planning, prudent campaign spending and the support of over 1000 donors give me a strong overall advantage,” said Rep. Wasserman. “As the long time incumbent and member of the committee that writes the state budget, it is no surprise that Senator Darling out raised me in big money and special interest donations. She talks about being a fiscal conservative but has squandered her campaign resources. The only thing I can be accused of overspending on is shoe leather. I’ve worn through eight pairs since I first began going door to door and meeting with people in the 8th Senate District over a year ago.” –Wasserman Campaign Press Release-July 22, 2008

Represenative Wasserman before you talk again on being a fiscal conservative, please explain why are you holding onto $22,000 of our taxpayer dollars to pad your warchest to launch a dirty campaign on Senator Darling.  Undecided voters in Whitefish Bay, Meqoun, and Menomonee Falls would like to know why you are holding onto this money despite this money is supposed to go to candidates with limited financial resources.  Holding onto our taxpayer dollars for the purpose of waging a campaign of misinformation is NOT fiscally conservative. 

Also Represenative Wasserman why not explain your special interest contributions you recieve from big labor and the medical special interests too.  Voters would like to know too on your relationships with medical PAC’s and Labor Union PAC’s as you accuse Senator Darling of having special interest money.

Link to Wasserman PAC’s Report-

Link to WisPolitics Press Release-

Wasserman’s New Campaign Finance Report Reveals that Wasserman is Padding His War Chest Deeper Despite Senator Darling Outperformed him in Fundraising

Today, was the reporting deadline for candidates running for public office and the latest report for Rep. Wasserman proves he is not spending down his war chest yet.  When Wasserman Watch broke the story that Rep. Wasserman was wasting your taxpayer dollars to fund his election campaign, still he is holding on to the dollars you check off on your tax returns to wage a full scale attack on Senator Darling.  Here is the new fundraising reports from WisPolitics and the Wisconsin Government Accountablity Board.

Senator Alberta Darling

Raised $106, 457 and has over $270, 427 Cash on Hand

Represenative Sheldon Wasserman

Raised Over $88, 420 in the first half of 2008, but has $335, 287 in the bank including the close to $22,000 of your tax dollars he has held onto since 1994 when he first ran for Assembly.

Senator Darling is so far winning the fundraising battle, but still Wasserman is waging the fight thanks to a large war chest funded in part by your tax dollars.  The one factor to watch for is how much PAC money Rep. Wasserman will get once he has to spend down his war chest.  It is important to watch how much money he will recieve from his buddies in the medical field and the labor unions and also the State Senate Democratic Committie once Rep. Wasserman gets in attack mode.  Darling may win the fundraising battle, but watch out for the PAC’s as it heats up. Link to Campaign Finance Reports